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  1. What are your hours of operation?
    Monday-Thursday & Saturdays 9:00am-5:00pm.
    Fridays open on occasion. Please contact us for Friday availability
    Closed Sundays

  2. How much do you charge for grooming?
    For all our services, we only provide estimates either over the phone or in person.
    Drop by with your dog. We would love to meet both of you in person.

  3. Is grooming important to my dog even if he/she has short hair?
    Yes. It's important to maintain a regular schedule for your dog to be groomed.
    This will provide a good experience for your dog, with the groomer and during the grooming process.

  4. Will I get charged more if my dogs grooming appointment goes later than the scheduled time?
    The longer you leave your dog getting groomed, the higher the price will be because it requires more work, product and time.
    But if the time goes longer due to us being busy that day, then no, you would not get charged more.

  5. What’s the cancellation charge and no show charge?
    If you cannot bring your dog for appointment, you have to cancel his/her appointment 48 hours before.
    Otherwise 50% of your dog grooming cost for cancellation fee will be applied on the next visit.
    No show charge is 100% of your dog grooming cost.

  6. How do I know when my dogs nails need a trim?
    When the nails are touching the ground.

  7. Do I have to make an oppointment for nail trimming?
    For your convenience, we prefer you make an oppointment to prevent waiting time.
    But walk ins for nail trimming are welcomed.

  8. Can missed information about my dog lead to problems while being groomed?
    Yes. If your dog has skin or food allergies you must inform the groomer.
    Also if you have specific instructions for grooming or certain ways to handle your dog while being groomed,
    please let us know. This is all very important information.

  9. Will my dog be caged at any time?
    Your dog will always be cage free.
    But cages are available and will be left open if your dog prefers to relax inside.

  10. How do I know my four legged family member will be in good hands?
    Look at the atmosphere of the place. Spend time talking with the groomer. Request a small interview where you can ask questions.
    Ask about the products that will be used on your dog. Our goal is to make both you and your dog feel comfortable.

  11. By changing groomers often, can this develop unwanted behavior from my dog?
    Yes. Dogs are like humans, they feel more comfortable where they are used too and familiar with.
    By taking your dog to the same place for grooming, they will develop a routine and be more relaxed and comfortable.

  12. How do I know your staff can be trusted?
    All staff have been recruited, trained and are always supervised by Anchalee.

  13. What do you require from new clients?
    Please bring your dog’s most recent vaccination records from the vet.

  14. Do you offer grooming of cats?
    We only accept dogs for grooming. Sorry felines.