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just a little off the sides happy pooch! am I done yet? leashes scissors do I have to look at the camera? it's a dogs life towel anyone? do I have to sit here all day? soooo relaxing


Main grooming area. Large, spacious area, with alot of natural lighting

This business has been here for approximately 15 years under Pets Beautiful. Pets Beautiful was established as a grooming school up until 2009. As of October 15, 2012 and under new management, Pets Beautiful transformed to become Pawz N' Style. With the same experienced employees we have continued a tradition of great service, grooming, pampering and taking care of your beloved, furry, four legged family members.

We are located inside Global Pet Foods. Upon your arrival you will find a spacious parking lot beside our location. Inside Pawz N' Style, you are welcomed by an inviting reception area with a view of the entire facility. Our facility is approximately 1,000 square feet providing alot of open area, high ceilings, big windows, and natural lighting . Our grooming area is 500 square feet. Great amount of space for our furry clients while they walk around. Our grooming area is equipped with 4 grooming stations and 5 hydraulic tables. Our bathing area is separated from the grooming area and has 2 big bath tubs. We always use and we are always stocked with clean towels. Our towels are kept clean through a professional cleaning sevice. We provide filltered water throughout the day for your dog during his/her visit with us.

We have skilled and educated staff members, personally recruited and trained by Anchalee herself. Our staff all work with a high level of standards and professionalism. One of our groomers volunteers occasionally at a cat rescue shelter. Our love for all animals is obvious. We always try to keep the dogs comfortable and relaxed, by playing with them and giving kisses to our furry friends during their visit. We are always taking pictures and videos which we then post on Facebook.

At Pawz N' Style we are dedicated to providing a clean, friendly and safe environment when you bring your dog in for any of our services.